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Idea to Brilliant Book Blueprint
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At this point, you may be asking:

“What if I’m already in the process of writing or have already written my manuscript? Is it too late for me to benefit from the program?”

Absolutely not! While it’s ideal to have this guidance before you begin writing, you can certainly benefit in myriad ways, even if you’re in the process of writing or finished with your first draft. The program will assist you in reviewing what you’ve written, and help you to assess where you need to make adjustments to be certain you’re on the right track. Every writer crafts more than one draft, so the second go-round—if that’s the stage you’re in—will be where you make tweaks/additions/deletions to ensure you’re following the blueprint for the best possible result.

"What if I don't have a clear idea yet for my book?"

Idea to Brilliant Book Blueprint is designed to help you determine the “just right” topic for you by exploring your particular experience and expertise. Early in the course, you’ll see precisely how you can shine as an author—and deliver the best book to your reader, which is our number one goal!

“Is this going to be a ton of work?”

Honestly, the “work” involved will depend on the particular book you’re aiming to write, but the program is structured to not feel like “work” at all; in fact, it’s geared to target the fun aspects of creating a book’s suberb foundation, and we do it in bite-sized pieces so that you’re never overwhelmed like you’re feeling now. Each module builds on the next, so you have concrete results at the end of each one. And when we’re finished, you’ll know what your chapter themes are going to be and what personalized and audience-targeted content you’ll need to fill them, making the actual writing of your book a hundred times easier, less time-consuming, and way more enjoyable than you probably thought possible!

“How much of my time will I need to devote to the course?”

I know you’re likely juggling a business, a family, and a life, all of which require balance for your sanity. So adding in structuring a book may feel like chipping away at a chunk of that private or family time you relish (if you’re allowing yourself any at all!), even though it’s to reach a desired goal. For this reason, I’ve designed each module:

  • to not exceed one hour of video training
  • to require only 2–5 hours per module of brainstorming time and Fun Sheet completion, which is less than an hour a day
  • to include all pertinent info and examples from each module in the downloadable PDF Fun Sheets so that you don’t have to spend time going back into the recording to find the tidbits you need (unless you want to watch it again!) to complete the activities successfully

In addition, I will be hosting a live bonus coaching session during our implementation break in week four, which will address individual questions on material covered in the early modules. If you’re needing additional one-on-one help, this will be a great opportunity to get it!

I will also host a group coaching call in our final week eight to make sure you’re all set to go!

“What all is included in Idea to Brilliant Book Blueprint?”
  • An encouragement-infused welcome session that introduces you to all the components of the program, plus the various incentives and engagement tools that will be yours throughout the course
  • Six easily digestible, step-by-step modules, that feature:
    • live slideshow presentations
    • what’s in it for you as a valuable step toward your goal of being a published author with excellence
    • numerous clear examples
    • helpful stories to illustrate how to use the guidance with a huge dose of self-assurance
    • live Q & A after each module presentation
  • Module-specific Savvy Author Fun Sheets you will brainstorm and fill out each week, resulting in your detailed blueprint at the end of the course that will make your book super clear and fun to write
  • Two super-duper bonus “modules” that will walk you through the all-important phase of connecting with your ideal readers, long before your book hits the streets!
  • A final implementation week that includes another group coaching call to ensure you feel great about your book blueprint, and to give you tips for moving forward on the writing of your brilliant book
  • Fun surprises in the form of incentives, contests, prizes, and recognition!

“There are other courses out there on writing and marketing a book. How is Idea to Brilliant Book blueprint different?”

I’m so glad you asked!


Idea to Brilliant Book Blueprint begins where other courses end—by focusing on the essentials of how your book will be marketed BEFORE you ever put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard (or give you clarity if you’re already in the process of writing). This reverse process is vital to writing a marketable book, ensuring you have a clear understanding of:

  • your ideal reader’s needs, fears, wishes, and goals
  • your book’s clear benefits
  • your book’s perfect structure
  • how your book will stand out in its genre and include media grabs
  • how all of these factors dictate how well your book can be marketed and earn the exposure and profits you desire

If you’ve always believed you simply jump in, write the book you want to write first, and then figure out how to market it when you’re finished, you’ve actually got it backwards, which is why SO many aspiring writers put substandard, difficult- or impossible-to-market books into the literary marketplace that are doomed before they ever see an online bookstore.

Idea to Brilliant Book Blueprint keeps you from making these detrimental mistakes by taking you by the hand and ensuring you have every tool to create the best possible book for your target audience—and to build a connection with them long before the book comes out.

There are no guarantees in publishing—just as there are no guarantees in any branch of the arts—because there’s a degree of subjectivity involved that we simply can’t predict. For example:

  • A producer, expecting to create a blockbuster, may sink millions into a film that’s a flop.
  • A musician may spend hundreds of hours writing and producing a new album that isn’t embraced by fans.
  • And an author can spend months or years writing a book that doesn’t produce the accolades or profits he or she hoped for.

Why? Because the arts are simply a risky business whose success depends on the fickle acceptance of the audience to which it’s directed.

Anyone who tells you your book will be a guaranteed, legitimate bestseller (and I use the term “legitimate” as a purist, not as someone who often “works the system” unethically in today’s marketplace) is making a misstatement in doing so—no one can predict precisely if and what readers will buy, and I would never make that false statement to you.

HOWEVER, by utilizing my proven step-by-step formula to pinpoint your audience and their pain points, zero in on your unique perspective, distinguish your book in the marketplace, and create a superb book structure that addresses all the vital elements, you will not only set yourself up for a smoother, more focused and gratifying writing experience, but you will GREATLY increase your chances of positioning yourself as a bestselling author.

“What are the specific modules?”


Module 1:

Why Do You Want to Write a Book?

Every book is driven by a “why” but it’s not always a good one—ego often gets in the way and derails would-be authors without their even realizing it. Because that “why” is crucial to how successful your book is, we’re going to get clear on each of your “whys” right at the start, to ensure they motivate the creation of a true gift your readers will be thrilled to receive, open, positively review, and ultimately share with others.

Module 2:

Getting Clear on Your Topic

Once you’re clear on your “why,” the “what” is the next vital piece of the writer’s puzzle. While what you plan to write about may seem obvious to you—and you may, in fact, have that figured out perfectly!—until you do the brainstorming activities in this module, you may not realize that your “what” is slightly, or even greatly, different from what you started with. This is actually a lot of fun and all part of the writing process—and it ensures that YOU are the one to write this particular book. We’ll determine that “just right” topic for your book, uncovering how your hard-won credentials, experience, and unique perspective will guide your book’s tone and content so you can shine as the expert you are in your field or subject matter.

Module 3:

Who Will Your Book Benefit Most?

Endeavoring to write a nonfiction book is futile if you don’t know who you’re writing for, what they need, or how your book can help them on their path or solve a nagging problem. With your topic solidified, we’ll shine a light on the precise audience who will benefit most from your book—pinpointing your specific reader’s profile, fears, goals, and desired outcome so your book can deliver and have the greatest chance of becoming a bestseller!

Module 4:

How Will Your Book Stand Out in Its Genre?

With thousands of books entering the marketplace every month, you may wonder how yours will be different, be found, or even be desired by readers. After we’ve nailed down the audience who will be drawn like a magnet to your book, we’ll look at all the exciting ways your book can stand out in its genre—possibly in a sea of similar books—so it can be marketed with distinction, grab the media, and take you to the next level in your business or field of expertise.

Module 5:

Determining Your Book’s Benefits to the Reader

Armed with how your book will stand out, who your audience is, and what they most need from you as an inspiration and expert, we’ll move into the exciting part of actually creating your book’s ideal structure. Here is where we’ll identify your book’s overarching goal and value to your reader, then mastermind your chapter themes to create a perfect blueprint that will make writing your content and incorporating the most appropriate supporting material easier and more fun than you ever imagined.

Module 6:

Brainstorming Your Strongest Keywords & Your Supercharged Title and Subtitle

Your front cover “real estate” (and hidden words) are vital to driving readers to your book—and they involve strategies you likely aren’t aware of. In this module, we’re going to complete your book’s superb blueprint by uncovering those strategies, bringing your most compelling message and audience draw into your title, subtitle, and keywords, ensuring they’re indeed magnetic and intriguing for your particular book and audience, and that your book is front and center when your ideal reader searches for it online. 

Are there any bonuses?

Yes! (back flip, spin around, say, “Yee Hoo!”)

Bonuses #1 & #2: Value: $500

Two indispensable bonus “modules” that go hand in hand: Discovering Where Your Readers Are: Making the All-Important Connection with Your Ideal Audience and Establishing an Online Presence: Using the Internet and Social Media to Build Trust and Likeability. Both are designed to welcome newbies to the world of building an online presence.

Because it’s crucial that you begin to connect with your ideal reader at least six months before your book launch to establish trust and likeability—but you may have no idea how to go about doing that with integrity or in feasible ways for you—this supercharged extra will walk you through the various avenues you can choose from to start that vital relationship.

With these step-by-step bonuses created exactly like the modules you’ll be accustomed to from the Idea to Brilliant Book Blueprint program, you can begin slowly—especially if establishing a presence on social media as an expert might be intimidating or foreign to you at this stage—only choosing the methods and/or platforms that are a fit for you with your schedule and interests. Not only are all of them free, but as you become more comfortable using one or two platforms, such as blogging or Facebook, you can add more in as your confidence soars.

What’s more, you’ll learn a crucial mindset shift so that you always come across as credible and classy in your posts to gain that all-important trust and likeability, not as a cheesy and annoying selling machine that not only feels icky to you, but that turns prospective followers away.

What’s great, too, is that you’ll be able to use the guidance from both bonuses to start connecting as early as after Module 3, once you know precisely who the ideal audience for your book will be. Even better? I make it super fun for you, not the drag you might be anticipating when you hear that you must “establish an author platform” or “start connecting with your audience online.” Three cheers for that!

Bonus #3: Value $750

I will host a live group workshopping video call in week four to ensure you’re on the right track from completing the early modules. This will be your opportunity to get clarity on specific topics, ask questions, and help your fellow students!

One-on-one coaching calls with me are valued at $250/hr. But you will receive the benefit of one-on-one in a group setting with me as part of the course for up to three hours, as my guidance is needed, to make sure you can move confidently forward with the remaining modules.

Bonus #4: Value $750

In addition to the live group workshopping call in week four, you will have access to an “Ask Any Course-Related Question & What Comes Next” call at the end of the course.

Have you ever taken an online course where at the end, you were left wondering what to do next? Or you still had unanswered questions? Or something just wasn’t clicking and you would have loved some additional help?

Well, you won’t have to worry about that happening to you at the end of Idea to Brilliant Book Blueprint because I’m giving you a second live group workshopping video call to ensure you’re feeling confident, enthusiastic, and fully supported as you embark on the writing of your book. You will absolutely have an excellent, market- and benefits-focused blueprint at the end of the course, but if you’re stuck anywhere or have additional questions, I’ll be there to help you!

What’s more, I’ll be giving you some excellent tips and resources for how to move forward with the writing and production of your labor of love, so that you’re not swimming in the dark if the next phase is giving you jitters!

Once again, one-on-one coaching calls with me are valued at $250/hr. But you will receive the benefit of one-on-one in a group setting with me as part of the course for up to three hours, as my guidance is needed, to make sure you can move directly into the exciting phase of crafting your book’s content so that you can:

  • address the true needs and goals of your ideal reader so that your book is embraced as a gift
  • market your book with distinction and confidence so that you stand out in the marketplace
  • convey concrete benefits so that your readers experience the outcome they seek
  • showcase your standout expertise and experience that you’ve worked so hard to obtain
  • share your impactful, relevant stories so that your message hits home in the right spots
  • increase your credibility in your field so that you can catapult your reputation
  • grow your business or exposure, potentially garner media attention, or land events such as speaking gigs, if these are goals for you
  • set yourself up to be a bestselling author

Bonus #5: Value $Unlimited Sales Potential

Book marketing superstar Alinka Rutkowska’s book, How I Sold 80,000 Books. Get the strategies to catapult your brilliant book into the sales stratosphere—who doesn’t want that?

Bonus #6: Value $297

Free access to book marketing superstar Alinka Rutkowska’s 5-Figure Author Challenge, where you can transform your book into an abundant revenue stream.

Total Bonus Value: $2,297+

Okay, great, so . . .

What are the biggest ways this course will benefit me?

1. You will save hours of time and hundreds or thousands of dollars in misspent funds.

No one has time to waste in our fast-paced culture—many of us are already juggling work, family, social media, and more—and most of us don’t relish wasting money. This course will lay all you need to know in front of you so you don’t spend an hour or a dime on attempting to produce an inferior, non-marketable book.

2. You will learn to think like a publisher, NOT a writer.

Too many eager writers think only of themselves and create their books from an ego mindset instead of an audience mindset. Successful books that are embraced by readers are written by authors who are thinking of them, not of themselves as writers. This course will make it fun and easy to shift your mindset—guiding you in delivering a book that’s a true gift for your reader, and ultimately for you as well.

3. You will position yourself as an expert.

All the years you’ve spent honing your experience and expertise deserves a place in readers’ hands, so you want to be sure you’re presenting it in a way that fulfills your goal of being seen as an expert. This course will ensure you do.

4. You will avoid the embarrassment of rushing out a substandard book on your own.

Once you publish a book that’s a poor reflection of yourself as an author—after attempting to do it all yourself—your reputation will be diminished, possibly forever. It’s also next to impossible to remove that embarrassing version of your book from Amazon and other online sources. This course will equip you in doing it right the first time so you will never be anything but exceedingly proud of your book.

5. You will build the all-important connection with your audience long before the book is launched.

The “If I write it, they will come” mentality couldn’t be more false. You’ll learn how to authentically connect with your target market, becoming a resource for valuable guidance along the way, that will be a game-changer when your book comes out.

6. You will benefit from the countless hours I’ve spent working with authors to build audience-targeted books that speak clearly to their reader’s heart and mind, and that position you to be a potentially bestselling author.

As a writer and professional editor, as well as a self-publishing expert who’s studied every facet of the industry, worked with dozens of authors, and produced several award-winning books, I have the expertise and experience to guide you through the crucial foundation-building of your book for maximum marketing success, leaving the fun part for you—creating the most engaging content for the reader you know will benefit them most, all using your Brilliant Book Blueprint. And it’s much more feasible to reach bestseller status when all the right elements have been well-addressed and are in place.

Why do many professionals, bloggers, and entrepreneurs give up before they begin or produce inferior books using poor DIY tactics?

  • Because they don’t have a framework to follow
  • Because they don’t have a genuinely caring expert to guide them
  • Because they’re overwhelmed and don’t have the time or desire to sift through the heaps of information out there
  • Because they have a false belief that “self-publishing” means “do it all myself”
  • Because they rush to put something—anything—out to call themselves an author
  • Because they don’t have a step-by-step program to walk them through with ease

Think about it . . . no one ever says:

“I want to produce a substandard book that will be a disappointment to readers, garner negative reviews, and diminish my credibility.”

Yet many aspiring authors unwittingly fulfill that exact goal by giving into overwhelm, cutting corners, and hoping for the best.

Clearly, this is not the experience you want to have as a published author!

I know exactly how you feel being a professional in your business, a blogger, or a self-trained expert, and being completely overwhelmed by the prospect of writing a book. Don’t beat yourself up—you’re definitely not alone!

So if you’re thinking that a hand-held program designed by an expert who genuinely cares about you is the way to go, here’s what you need to know:

What You Get

  1. 6 Step-by-Step Modules to take you from great idea (or even a vague one) to stellar book blueprint, packed with relevant example and success stories  |  value: $997
  2. Live Q&A with Me at the end of each module delivery to get your questions answered and receive extra guidance if you need it  |  value: $1500
  3. Comprehensive, step-by-step Savvy Author Fun Sheets for each module—which follow the lessons exactly and include examples from the videos so you don’t have to go back and rewatch if you don’t have time—that in just 2–5 hours per week (less than an hour a day!) will take you from vague idea or a pile of notes to a brilliant book blueprint on your topic of expertise  |  value: $197
  4. Lifetime access to the recordings and free updates forever, including any new bonus material I may add to the program over time  | value: $497+
  5. Six supercharged bonuses in the form of:
  • Two indispensable bonus “modules” that go hand in hand: Discovering Where Your Readers Are: Making the All-Important Connection with Your Ideal Audience and Establishing an Online Presence: Using the Internet and Social Media to Build Trust and Likeability. Both are designed to help newbies to the world of building an online presence begin connecting with your ideal reader at least six months before your book launch to establish that critical level of trust and likeability  | value: $500
  • A live group coaching video call during week four to ensure you’re on the right track from completing the early modules (up to three hours)  |  value: $750
  • A live group coaching video call during our final week eight to ensure you’re feeling confident, enthusiastic, and fully supported as you embark on the writing of your book. You will absolutely have an excellent, market- and benefits-focused structure at course end, but if you’re stuck anywhere or have additional questions, I’ll be there to help you! (up to three hours)  |  value: $750
  • Book marketing superstar Alinka Rutkowska’s book, How I Sold 80,000 Books, so you can catapult your brilliant book into the sales stratosphere.  |  value: $unlimited potential
  • Free access to Alinka Rutkowska’s 5-Figure Author Challenge, where you can learn how to transform your book into an abundant revenue stream.  |  value: $297
  • Plenty of fun incentives and surprises to keep you engaged from start to finish with my “You Can’t Fail” dedication to seeing you end the course with the brilliant book blueprint you set out to create  |  value: your emotional investment and personal enjoyment!

Total Value: $5,488+ (but you’ll be getting a WAY better deal than that!)

With 2,000 (yes, you read that number right) self-published books pouring into the marketplace every day in the US, the vast majority of which are poorly done and fail to make more than $100 in book sales, you need to stand out and be distinct as well as excellent to impact readers and receive the royalties a great book generates.

Idea to Brilliant Book Blueprint will put you on the right track to achieve just that!


60 DAY guarantee yep!

Even better? There is absolutely NO risk for you to join the course!

If you give the program your best effort during the 60 days we’re together and for any reason don’t believe it’s a good fit for you, just let us know and we will give your money back without an arm wrestle, a guilt trip, or a drawn-out inquisition!

Here’s what authors are saying:

(these people rock!)

“If you want a polished, professional book that will attract readers like a magnet, Stacey’s course is for you.”

—Dr. Jack Singer
author of The Financial Advisor's ULTIMATE Stress Mastery Guide

“I could spend days singing praise for Stacey’s work. In every aspect of book creation, Stacey is beyond exceptional. It is evident that she loves what she does. Her creations are labors of love and her final products – pure masterpieces.”

—Dr. Susan Bova
multiple award-winning author of Spirit Says . . . Be Inspired and Spirit Says . . . Be Healthy

“Do yourself a favor: If you want to write a book and be guided by someone who has passion, commitment, and invaluable expertise, work with Stacey. She’ll impress you and you’ll be proud of your final product.”

—Jayme Amos
author of Finding the Right Practice Location

“Stacey Aaronson in one word: AWESOME. And rest assured I very seldom rise to that level of praise, but in Stacey’s case it is well deserved. Any person would be well placed in her hands.”

—Steve Scheier
founder of Decision Clarity™ and author of Do More Good. Better.

“Stacey is an amazing, multitalented professional. Every step of the way, she understood what I needed in my entire book publishing enterprise before I knew it myself. My book wouldn’t exist without her.”

—Betsy Massar, MBA
founder of Master Admissions and author of Admitted

“Stacey makes authors feel as if their books really matter to her—because they do—and they rival the best of publishing house offerings.”

—Merrie Lyn Shickler
wife of the late Ross Shickler, author of Fishing Northern Canada

“What a gift it was to find Stacey, who had an eloquent and beautiful hand in bringing our book to completion.”

—Phillip Macko
author of Make Others Greater and Think Your Age, Don't Act It

“It was clear to me that Stacey took the job very seriously, and was as determined as I was to release a book that was of the utmost quality.”

—Patricia Thompson, PhD
author of The Consummate Leader

“Stacey gave me security as a writer and is a professional with whom I will definitely continue to work in the future.”

—Ross Flowers, PhD
author of Introducing Your Child to Sports

“My collaboration with Stacey resulted in a living, breathing tribute to the spirit of mine and my father’s words. I now hold in my hand a treasure for which I am extremely proud.”

—Ashley Davis
author of A Life Through Letters

“I found Stacey’s attention to detail and her caring and motivating attitude to be essential for my success. Her heart and focus is always on the needs of the client and that is invaluable.”

—Jay Kshatri
author of Think Smarter in a Digitally Enabled World

“Not only will Stacey honor your work, but collaborating with her means being treated equally with kindness and professionalism, and you’ll know that your book matters to her.”

—Amy Eden Jollymore
founder of the popular blog Guess What Normal Is and author of The Kind Self-Healing Book

your investment in yourself as a future published author


Pay in Full
$997 one-time

If you can swing it, do it all at once and save a little!

Idea to Brilliant Book Blueprint
Full Details
Make 2 Payments
$547 one payment a month for two months

If you need to break it down, you can! (I've been there, so I get it!)

Idea to Brilliant Book Blueprint
Full Details

Remember, with my 60-day, no arm-wrestling-necessary money-back guarantee, you can try out the program with NO risk. If it doesn’t overdeliver for you the way I designed it to, just let my team know and we’ll get you squared away!

Have pre-sale questions that aren’t addressed here?

Reach out to my wonderful team at: